The Beginnings of Chikoda Kennels

At age 16, I acquired my first Siberian Husky. I attended dog shows regularly, researched breeders, and made the decision to visit Kortar Kennel in Guelph Ontario. I came home with my beautiful “Mahalo”. Although it was my intent to show my boy, Mahalo was never fond of the ring and made it VERY apparent every time he stepped in. I realized then I was a softy, and if the show ring wasn’t for him, then so be it. My next little girl, another lovely Sibe from Kortar Kennel, was stellar. Unlike my first, she loved the ring. I not only finished her quickly but also put an obedience title on her. Her call name was Chetta and she was named after the Alaskan Malamute whom I loved so much as a child. In 1989 Chikoda Kennels came to be.
Teddy & Cita
Teddy & Cita were my childhood dogs. Teddy’s mother was a purebred Alaskan Malamute who lived next door to us at the cottage. She was not well looked after and would often escape her chain to which she was tied and travel around the lake. It never failed. She could have been missing for days on end and we would arrive at the cottage on a Friday night and she would be on our doorstep an hour later. She always knew when we were there and who loved her. During one of her escapes, she became pregnant and had a litter of pups under our cottage. We placed all of the puppies into loving homes keeping Teddy for ourselves. My Father finally convinced our neighbors that their dog deserved a better life. Fortunately they agreed, and we were able to find a very loving home for her as well. It was my love for her, that planted the seed to the Northern breeds.

My love for both these breeds remains undaunted and today our home consists of two beautiful German Shepherds & our Poodles.

Below ~ Echo, her daughter Amy, and Jessie ...
My husband & I spent many wonderful years in the breed. I would show some of my dogs, do obedience with many, and we always enjoyed sledding under the moonlight. We bred several litters, were fortunate to meet many renowned mushers in Alaska, and even participated in a few sled dog races. We were original members of the Canadian Rockies Siberian Husky Club & through that organization shared our love for our dogs with many wonderful people.

During these years, I had acquired a lovely German Shepherd puppy from Gemridge Kennels. “Echo” & I were inseparable and I loved every minute of attaining her Championship, CD, TT, HIC. “Echo” was a once in a lifetime dog. There was nothing she would not do, including running on a sled with a bunch of huskies. She blessed us with many children and grandchildren.
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