If you are looking at this page, you may have decided that a Standard Poodle Pup is for you.

While it is undeniable that a Poodle is highly intelligent, non-shedding and without a doubt one of the most versatile & beautiful breeds around, it is also important to realize that like every breed, there are things you need to consider.

Although non-shedding breeds are wonderful, they require a great deal of maintenance. So if you are NOT prepared to take your dog to a qualified dog Groomer on a regular basis (every 4- 6 weeks), OR invest in a grooming table, clippers, combs, slickers, scissors, nail clippers/dremel among other things (should you decide to do it yourself), then a Poodle may not be for you.

Have I mentioned a Poodles incredible Sense of Humor?? Well, combine that sense of humor with an animal who is highly intelligent, and you may just be in for more than you bargained for. We request, that all new puppy owners attend puppy classes or obedience classes, so that your puppy can grow into a well adjusted canine citizen.

  All animals are subject to health issues. A good breeder knows what health issues exist within their breed, and they will ensure their breeding stock has had the appropriate health clearances prior to breeding. Despite these efforts, it is imperative that owners are aware of the genetic diseases that exist within the breed they have chosen, and that they are comfortable with their breeders guarantee on their puppies. Please visit our Health Links so you are able to make an informed decision on this breed.

Chikoda Standard Poodles is pleased to offer an incentive plan for those who put an Obedience or Conformation title on their dog. Ask us about our incentive plan!

If you are interested in a Puppy from an upcoming litter,  
please contact us directly through email or by phone.

Callie has been bred to Turbo! 4 baby girls and one baby boy arrived on January 10th!!!
Am Champion Avion Turbulence II
(2007 WD Poodle Club of America National)
Am/Can Champion Crystalton Callie of Chikoda
Marly Harvey
Chikoda Registered Standard Poodles
All puppies are spoken for! 
Please check back later for future litter plans! 
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Sire and Dam clearances listed below

Avion Turbulence II

NE Normal
VWD Clear via Parentage
CERF  2010
SA Normal
Heart Normal
OFA Excellent

Crystalton Callie of Chikoda
NE Normal
VWD clear via Parentage
CERF 2009
SA Normal
OFA Good
Recessive Black, dominant Black does not carry the white, cream or brown gene (Vetgen)
Day-1 Callie puppies
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