Keja’s Token Moments, CD, RA, CGN & Pals Therapy Dog
Mid life hits us all in different ways.  After having large dogs my entire life, I suddenly had this crazy desire to have a little dog. I knew it could not be just ANY little dog. My new puppy would have to have brains. After all, it would be sharing his/her home with German Shepherds and they simply would not settle for a dog without brains!!!

I researched all the toy breeds and at my late Mother’s persuasion,  began to focus on a toy poodle. Little did I know, my Mothers influence turned out to be the best gift she ever gave me.

Token must have known how I was persuaded by my Mother, because when Mom was around, the two were inseparable. When Mom moved into a lodge, Token knew exactly where her room was. She would charge down the hall & jump on her door with joy. When my Mom would open her door, Token would scream with excitement. To her Nan, she was her “Little Tokie Mokie” and to me she is my Heartbeat.

Token achieved her CD just after a year of age with two consecutive High Score in Class & One Second Place finish. I trained her for her CDX, but I found the out of sight sits and downs far too stressful (on me!), so I gave up on that for the time being. At the tender age of 9, Token began her Rally O career by attaining her RN in three straight shows, which was followed by her RA in three straight shows, including a perfect score of 100. She has her Canine Good Neighbor Certificate and proudly served as a Pals Therapy Dog at the Fanning Center for several years.

She changed my opinion about “little dogs” and I know now that size truly doesn’t matter. My husband is her Man Servant and he gets to take full credit for any of her “Little Dog” tantrums. This little bundle of joy has helped me through some of my darkest hours. In many ways, it feels like just yesterday she came into our lives. I am eternally grateful to Jacqueline Fargey of Keja Kennels for entrusting me with such a special little girl.

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