Keja's Promise Q Us, RN
Tokens’ breeder knew of my struggle with pursuing her obedience career. I just could not bare to leave my little girl on the out of sight sits and downs. I had mentioned that if I ever got another poodle it would have to be bigger.

Enter my Precious Prommy. One early winter morning I received a call asking if I was still considering a bigger poodle. Tokens breeder had a toy poodle who was clearly going to go oversize. Three years had passed since Token had come into our home, and quite frankly we had been discussing getting her a little companion to play with. Although she loved my 4 German Shepherds, they weren’t exactly playmate material. So just before Christmas, Precious Promise came into our lives.

I knew right away, that Promise was not anything like Token. Although she loved her family, the outside world was a scary place. She would not have been a pick obedience prospect, but our love for our dogs has never been about the titles. We began our obedience classes shortly after 6 months of age and now at 7 years of age, we are pleased that Prommy has overcome so many of her fears.

One of the reasons I love Rally O, is that it is the perfect discipline for a dog like Promise. It develops her confidence and allows her to have fun in the process. In the fall of 2009, Promise was entered in her first ever Rally Obedience trial, and concluded the weekend with a new “RN” title. She even achieved a 198 for High Score in Class. She was also very smitten with Agility classes. Promise loves to play and wakes up every day reminding us, that today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

Sadly in May 2010 at 7 years of age, Promise was diagnosed with PRA. (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). It became increasingly evident that she was having a difficult time seeing things. In short order, she will become completely blind. Although this diagnosis was heartbreaking, it does explain so many of her little antics & phobias. Today, advancements in genetic testing have allowed breeders to determine which dogs are carriers of this dreaded disease. You can read more about PRA at the following link: FactSheetRetinal

Regardless of her disease, Promise is a charming little girl who makes our lives richer. I know that as long as we are not sad about her blindness, Prommy will continue to go through life being the happy little girl she has always been. Thank you for the lessons you continue to teach me, my Precious little girl.

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