My love for German Shepherds has never waivered. It was a devastating blow to lose my last three elderly German Shepherds in as many years. I felt shell-shocked and just couldn’t bring myself to getting another one.

Despite making a conscious decision to move forward with a new breed in our Standard Poodles, our home in the country was just never the same. Consequently in September 2007, Dana came to us as a 9 week old show/breeding prospect from Silverhill Kennels in British Columbia. She achieved her Championship quickly, and is currently working on obedience titles. She has also obtained her Canine Good Neighbor Certificate. It was very much my intention to breed Dana had she passed all her testing since we had several inquiries for puppies from her. In May 2010, we submitted hip & elbow xrays to OFA. Although Dana passed her hip certification, she was not so fortunate with her elbow xrays. Dana had DJD in both her elbows. In keeping with my own personal ethics, Dana will not be bred and she will be spayed. Although her diagnosis was more than disappointing, our love for her remains the same.

Champion Silverhills Who Dat Girl Jomar  CGN

“Dex” is a very sweet neutered German Shepherd boy who landed himself as a rescue case. When his first owners bit off more than they could chew with a breed they were not familiar with, Dex was rescued by a wonderful man that gave new meaning to his life. Unfortunately less than a year later, this man found himself in a predicament with an out of town job causing him to be gone from home for countless hours. He knew it wasn’t fair to the dog that he had rescued from a desperate situation, so he began to seek out a “good” home for this boy. I received a call from his sister, a breeder herself of some lovely Australian Shepherds, asking if I knew of anyone that might be looking for a beautiful German Shepherd. Dana’s size, dominance & exuberance limited her play allowances with the Standard Poodle, so I took her with me when I went to see Dex whose name at the time was “Wrecks”. Suffice to say, he came home with me, and the two have been inseparable. They adore each other and Dana was thrilled to have a rough & tumble playmate. When we are out together, Dex does not leave my side. For all that this precious boy has been through, he is the sweetest and most loving dog a person could ever ask for.
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